पिजडाकि चरी

My recent spoken poetry about domestic violence in Nepal.

पिँजडा जती सुकै ठुलो किन नहोस, तेस भित्रको चरी बन्धी नै हुन्छ, र कृपया हामी–छोरी,बुढी, बैनी, बुहारी–लाई त्यो पिजडा सिँगार्न हैन, फोर्न सिकाऔँ! महिला हिंसा अन्त्य गरौँ!

shinymodels  internship at RStudio

The tidymodels framework is a collection of packages for modeling and machine learning using tidyverse principles. The goal of this internship is to create a package that, given a tidymodels object, will launch a Shiny application. Mentor: Max Kuhn

Evan Rose Fellowship Urban Planning Research Project

Will conduct a research project exploring whether the urban development vision of smart cities could be a solution for inequality and sustainability issues. I will work with Prof. Jasmine Jiang in the Reed College Economics Department.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis at Reed College, Portland, OR

Title: Inequality in Ramsey Growth Model with Heterogeneous Rates of Return: Are rich getting higher returns on investment than poor?

Advisor: Prof. Jasmine Jiang

Built a modified Ramsey model with heterogenous returns on capital investment; conducted an empirical analysis of existence, causes, and implications of different returns on investment for rich and poor households; showed that rich get higher returns on investment than poor.


In collaboration with a classmate Olek Wojcik, wrote an R package to run the G, K, and F spatial functions on sf objects. This was the final project for the Spatial Data Analysis class taught by Jonathan Kadish in Spring 2021 at Reed College. Here is the presentation for the package.

Police Brutality in the US (An independent study)

Advisor: Prof. Silvia Borzutzky

Amidst the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020, conducted an independent study and wrote a paper on police brutality in the US.

Visualizing Inequities in Seattle

This project was conducted by Shisham Adhikari and Domnick Ta as a part of the Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA)--Data Analytics Track 2021 program at Carnegie Mellon University. There is a large body of articles that have clearly demonstrated a fact that there is clear income inequality and de facto racial segregation in Seattle. However, there has never been a visual to provide an intuitive spatial understanding of this phenomenon and this project is an attempt to fill the gap. Here is the final blog.


In the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a Shiny R app created to explore the relationship between the severity (number of confirmed cases and deaths) of COVID-19 and health insurance coverage in the US at a county level.

Swing Stacks: Predicting political party affiliation via model stack

In the light of the US 2020 election, a collaborative project using tidymodels—namely, stacks—to layer multiple models and model types to better predict party affiliation using several socio-political predictors from the General Social Survey (GSS) dataset from 2000-2016. It was  the final project for Math 243: Statistical Learning at Reed College in Fall 2020. Authors of this project are Shisham Adhikari, Maggie Slein, and Grayson White.

Panchankanya Media Center Project

Received the Reed College Student Opportunity Subsidy(SOS) Grant to setup a media center in Panchakanya, a village in Nepal. Collected donations to buy projectors, laptops, and study materials for the center.

Eviction Data

Taking in consideration the increasing homelessness in the west coast states, worked in a team of three to create an R data package on eviction rate along with other related variables like income, rent, poverty rate etc. across West Coast States (California, Washington, and Oregon). The project is based on this eviction data.

Davis Peace Project of Peace

Received $10,000 from the Kathryn W. Davis Projects for Peace fund to support women's mental health in post-disaster settings in Nepal. As a part of the project, traveled to 9 districts of Nepal conducting workshops and talk-in-groups about breaking the taboos surrounding the mental health of women and children.